Is there a word for “the opposite of Stockholm syndrome”?

From the outside, I’m sure that one of the more curious features of American politics is the vitriol many poor Americans feel towards government assistance. This is especially curious since so many of these less wealthy Americans are actually on some sort of government assistance. I could cite countless personal anecdotes demonstrating this odd phenomenon, […]

The person whose car hit that cow is liable to me

(the Scotland vote yesterday is way more important than this, but I don’t have the results yet and I wanted to sneak this in while I was waiting) Let me explain to you why I despise the Tea Party so much. I don’t take issue with their concerns about government corruption and overreach*. I think […]

After yesterday’s trainwreck of a post…

You ever write something, post it, and then go back and think “Geez, that’s a really crummy post?” Today, let’s follow it up with something even more unthinkable: What I Admire About The Tea Party – by WTF Pancakes The Tea Party are all about responsive politics. If Republican candidates don’t act on Tea Party […]

Happy Tax Day!

I remember when the Tea Party had their big coming out party on 15 April, 2009. They were protesting, well, it’s hard to know exactly what they were protesting since they seemed to really hate Obama but they were protesting on the day when the taxes for the last year under W were due, so […]

The Cruelest Thing You Can Do…

…to Sarah Palin is to quote her accurately and in-context. She was asked this question:  “What are we hearing from the Tea Party in terms of an absolute, realistic plan that can be an alternative to Obamacare?” Her response was vintage Palin: “The plan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many […]