USA FREEDOM reform and the Dance of the Mad Bastards*

In my dotage, I’ve come to recognize that the more “patriotic” a law’s name (or, *cringe*, acronym**), the more Orwellian it will be. Viewed in that light, the USA FREEDOM Act was always going to be a terrifying piece of legislation, wasn’t it? It turns out that it absolutely lived up to my expectations, although […]

For all my troubles with Google+

they’ve never pulled anything quite as brazen as this: Facebook patented an API to make it easier for law-enforcement agencies (NSA et. al.) to retrieve data on Facebook users. So, not only were they denying giving this information to the government, not only were they building tools to make it easy for the government, they […]

The NSA Doesn’t Quite Deny Illegal Activity

Gen. Keith Alexander addressed some of the allegations against the NSA at a cybersecurity conference today. Here’s the money quote. Ok, it’s really the only quote, but you get the idea: “NSA does collect information on terrorists and our national intelligence priorities but we are not authorized to go into a U.S. company‚Äôs servers and […]