3 May is World Freedom of the Press Day

Thanks to there being a free press in the United States, no one can spin the events in Baltimore as being due to “the lack of fathers” or “the lack of a moral code.”  Well, some folks try, but the images and eyewitness accounts make them look foolish and racist. My last post was a […]

USA FREEDOM reform and the Dance of the Mad Bastards*

In my dotage, I’ve come to recognize that the more “patriotic” a law’s name (or, *cringe*, acronym**), the more Orwellian it will be. Viewed in that light, the USA FREEDOM Act was always going to be a terrifying piece of legislation, wasn’t it? It turns out that it absolutely lived up to my expectations, although […]

Belaboring The Obvious (re: Rand Paul)

Noted plagiarist Rand Paul is getting a lot of press for wistfully mentioning that he wishes he could engage in a duel to defend his honor. That’s good, meaty stuff for the news cycle, but I can’t say as I really blame Paul.  This isn’t exactly the first time that he’s been accused of lifting […]