Let’s talk about the “gun control debate.” To begin with, it ain’t much of a debate. From what I can see, it looks mostly like two sides yelling at each other and then covering their ears when the other side is speaking. Given the nature of the American ‘presidential debates, I wouldn’t expect anything resembling […]

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil Ok, so Brad Paisley isn’t the devil. Not even close. I really enjoyed his work with William Shatner on that one good Shatner album. Paisley’s new song, “Accidental Racist”, has been widely ridiculed on the left side of the spectrum as ham-fisted, missing-the-point, and being a tepid step towards addressing the ugly […]

Oath of Fealty

Not long again, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made some careless statements in public that suggested that he trusted the scientific consensus with respect to the global warming “controversy.”  These statements were not well-received by the core of the conservative movement, by which I mean, the folks who post on  I check fairly […]