Through the Google Glass

Ok, so, I’ve had the opportunity to demo Google Glass and it’s got a lot of potential. The demo was reasonably tightly curated, so I couldn’t deviate too far from the path, but at least I got a feel for the hardware and the state of play of the voice recognition. Physically, it’s pretty well […]

This Is The Best Burrito (Keepin’ it positive!)

Trying to keep it positive, but it’s been a very discouraging week. Aside from a deluge of ugly stories in the news, I’ve reached out to the Google+ help forums again without a great deal of success. There’s been some empathy, which is nice, but there have been some ugly responses as well.Those in the […]

Giving Google Credit Where Due

As you may or may not be aware, Google may not be on my Christmas card list this year (and vice-versa). But, I have to admit, they still do a lot of cool stuff for a company of their size. For example, Google is going to actively make it tougher for the NSA and the […]

The Dead Horse, Re-beaten

Oh Google, you so crazy. I’ve been told, once again, that my name does not conform to the Google+ names policy. For those of you just joining in on the fun, here’s the policy in its entirety: Google+ Profile Names Policy Names and Google+ Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting […]

The NSA Doesn’t Quite Deny Illegal Activity

Gen. Keith Alexander addressed some of the allegations against the NSA at a cybersecurity conference today. Here’s the money quote. Ok, it’s really the only quote, but you get the idea: “NSA does collect information on terrorists and our national intelligence priorities but we are not authorized to go into a U.S. company’s servers and […]

Silver Linings (Google+ edition)

Well, still no joy on the G+ front, but I can at least recommend the Google+ help community.  They’ve been more responsive and more informative than any of the responses my names policy violation appeals. I still don’t have much hope for my appeal. The actual Google+ names policy is apparently somewhat different from the […]

Google Update

“Update” was probably too strong a word for it. Google and I have settled into a pattern. I submit an appeal to have my Google+ account unlocked with documentation that shows that I use this name all ’round the internet. I also include a text file with a request that, if my appeal is denied, […]