Giving Google Credit Where Due

As you may or may not be aware, Google may not be on my Christmas card list this year (and vice-versa). But, I have to admit, they still do a lot of cool stuff for a company of their size. For example, Google is going to actively make it tougher for the NSA and the […]

Cop Fails At Life, Gets $38,000 Settlement

As I’m sure you’re already aware, John Pike, the former University of California at Davis campus policeman, just received a $38,000 settlement for the trauma he suffered in the line of duty.  Normally, I’m all for compensating police for trauma suffered in carrying out their difficult, dangerous, and thankless job. Of course, in this particular […]

PSA – Comments Edition

Ok, for the time being, I’m moderating comments. I will probably open itt up at some point, but since the volume is still really low, I’m using the moderate function just to ensure that I don’t miss anything. Pretty much any comment will be approved so long as it relates to the post. For example, […]

There Is A Point At Which Words Fail

There Is A Point At Which Words Fail And one must simply stare, slack-jawed, into the abyss. P.S. Bloody hate the way WP puts the link in the title and, if you try to add more links, they’re formatted the same way as the title. I came here to write, not edit stylesheets.

Of course, this could never, ever happen, right?

The Shrillest of the Shrill is up in arms about the “loony left” suggesting that the Tea Party were running a denial-of-service attack on the Obamacare servers to make them inaccessible and make Obama look bad. Fair enough. That IS awfully paranoid when this actually occurred. Besides, it’s not as if there’s a precedent for […]