No matter what you think about Edward Snowden…

Last week, the EFF published a list of 65 things we learned from the Edward Snowden leaks. It’s grim reading, but here are some of the highlights: 5. Although the NSA has repeatedly stated it does not target Americans, its own documents show that searches of data collected under Section 702 are designed simply to […]

Goodbye Google (part 2)

Now that I’ve made the decision to de-Googlefy myself, I’m faced with determining exactly what that means and how to do it. I was heavily invested in Google products and untangling is proving to be a good deal more work than I expected. Let’s break it down into categories: Authentication: Using Google or Facebook to […]

It’s Like A Honey Badger That Really, Truly Cares

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted a test version of their Privacy Badger¬†browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. It’s a little doohickey to rid your browser of unwanted tracking cookies and enforce the “Do Not Track” header. I’m taking it out for a spin as we speak, but given the EFF’s track record, I feel […]

Why DRM and the TPP are really, really bad ideas

Or, at least, one of the reasons. In the digital world, DRM is extremely unpopular. It doesn’t even slow down pirates, but it punishes real customers. It forces people who buy digital properties legitimately to install clunky and sometimes dangerous additional software on their devices to be able to enjoy their purchases.¬† And, heaven help […]