Cracked wins the Troll of the Week prize

I was trying to work up some snark about the embarrassment that is GamerGate, something that would adequately expose the hypocrisy and idiocy of the MRA crowd, but Cracked did such a sublime job of it, I’m just going to sit back and nod in admiration. Wow.

Humor on your morning commute…

…is strictly forbidden. For some reason, the public WiFi on my train blocks both and That’s really annoying on mornings when my RSS feed is bare. Of course, the ads on the Cracked app load just fine, so there’s that… And yes, I know I’m sitting here complaining about the fact that my […]

Courtesy of Mr. Wong

Cracked’s David Wong gave us one of those year end lists…actually, no, it’s more interesting than those lists. Mr. Wong is a cynical dude and his list has some bite to it: 5 Signs the Tech Industry Finally Ran Out Of Ideas In 2013. Each entry has some merit and, as always, Wong’s worth reading, […]