Et tu, Chrome?

At the risk of re-beating a dead horse, Chrome has stopped being the browser-of-choice for quite a few people. This Gizmodo post gets to the core of the issue right in the first paragraph: Remember when we all switched from Firefox to Chrome? Chrome was stripped down, simple but fast as hell. It was like browsing […]

Goodbye Google (part 2)

Now that I’ve made the decision to de-Googlefy myself, I’m faced with determining exactly what that means and how to do it. I was heavily invested in Google products and untangling is proving to be a good deal more work than I expected. Let’s break it down into categories: Authentication: Using Google or Facebook to […]

It’s Like A Honey Badger That Really, Truly Cares

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted a test version of their Privacy Badger browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. It’s a little doohickey to rid your browser of unwanted tracking cookies and enforce the “Do Not Track” header. I’m taking it out for a spin as we speak, but given the EFF’s track record, I feel […]