The story so far (Ello-wise)

My first, long-ish post on Ello with attempts at formatting and all that good stuff is here. Why yes, I finally figured out how the permalinks work, or maybe they just suddenly started working, but I’m guessing the former. TL/DR: It’s pretty, it’s buggy, it’s interesting, and the UI can be really hard to read […]

In Case You Were Wondering

Yes, I’m aware that the tone of this blog has changed significantly since the start of 2014. I felt like I was becoming a bit of a one-trick pony, poking at the horrors of the right wing and the utter lack of an effective opposition to them. Frankly, writing about ugly, negative stuff every day […]

PSA – Comments Edition

Ok, for the time being, I’m moderating comments. I will probably open itt up at some point, but since the volume is still really low, I’m using the moderate function just to ensure that I don’t miss anything. Pretty much any comment will be approved so long as it relates to the post. For example, […]

When Blogs About Bloggers Going Bad Go Bad

The word of the day is “meh.” That last post wasn’t especially good. I had a good starting place. I had good articles to link. The basic idea for the post was, I think, solid. It really should have been one of my better posts. It just didn’t work. By that I mean “I didn’t […]

When Bloggers Go Bad

As per usual, The Onion proves itself the most reliable source of cultural commentary. In case you don’t feel like clicking the link, it’s a story about a guy who revolutionizes new media by writing about politics and culture in a sarcastic tone! Its pretty much spot on, and I’m as guilty as the next […]

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was one of the titans of the so-called “dinosaur” media. He wrote a newspaper column about films, he wrote books about films, ¬†and had a television show on the same subject. That’s about as old school as it gets. So, I was delighted when I discovered his Twitter feed and found him to […]