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The Trump Rules

So, I’m sure you’re aware that Donald Trump made a joke about murdering Hillary Clinton yesterday. Then, he walked it back and lied about what he’d said, pretending that he’d merely suggested that “second amendment people” could vote as a bloc and defeat Clinton…somehow…after she’d already been elected…or something.

The only exceptional thing about this is how unexceptional it is. For any other candidate, talking about murdering their opponent would be the end of the road. For Trump though? He’s held to a lower standard by the media. He’s allowed to lie and lie and lie at historic levels and no one cares. Again, if Clinton were anywhere near as dishonest as Trump, she’d likely have dropped out of the race by now. For some reason, we accept a lower standard of integrity from Trump.

I remember the 2008 election when Obama was derisively referred to as “the first affirmative action president” as though he didn’t deserve his victory. But Obama was put through the ringer the same as anyone else and it was clear that trying to belittle him with references to “affirmative action” was just thinly-veiled racism.

But The Donald? This guy is being held to a lower standard than any candidate we’ve seen in my lifetime. He isn’t being held accountable for what he says because, well, “that’s just Trump, he says what he thinks.” Which is true, sure, but what he says is idiotic at best and monstrous at worst.

I doubt that Trump’s calling for the death of Hillary Clinton will make more than a few ripples and I expect it to be largely forgotten in a few weeks. It’s Trump, after all. We expect less of him, and boy howdy, does he ever deliver.

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More Fun From the Lone Star State

Just yesterday, I posted about the Representatives in Texas who claim to be fighting for religious freedom while fighting against it. The good news is that there are Texans out there who are willing to fight for freedom. The bad news? They’re doing it by stalking a group of women who are pushing for gun regulations. Stalking probably isn’t really the right word here. They’re following them to restaurants where the moms meet, and then standing around in the parking lot waving assault weapons and generally terrifying everyone in the restaurant.

I feel for the moderates in Texas (and yes, I’m told they do exist). They’re in the middle of what promises to be some really scary shit. The government is far more controlling than anything that Washington has ever imagined, and the “freedom fighters” aren’t any better. Its almost like the extremists have more in common with each other than they do with any moderate faction, and both sides see it as in their best interest to radicalize as many people as possible and marginalize the center.

Where have we seen that one before?

Ok, I realize that when I’m talking about “both sides”, we’re looking at conservative extremists both in the government and fighting against it. But remember: This is Texas we’re talking about. ‘nuf said.

UPDATE: A photo from another angle makes it clear that these folks were posing with a flag as opposed to making threatening gestures with their guns in the most-publicized photo from the event. I don’t know that this changes any conclusions, but I did want to note the new information.

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