False Dichotomy

The BBC link reads: ‘Racist troll’ – or conservative free speech crusader?‘ If you read the post, and it’s worth reading as it’s contributed by the excellent Olivia Crellin, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion as I: “Both.” I mean, Andie Pauly isn’t even trying to be anything but a troll. She’s making statements […]

A Links List I Can Get Behind

There’s a good list of people to follow and interact at an unlikely site: sjwlist.com I don’t know all of the names on the list, but the ones I do know are good ones: Laurie Penny, John Scalzi, Chris Kluwe, Alison Bechdel, Randi Lee Harper, Anita Sarkeesian, and Wil Wheaton. They’re all good, decent people […]

Questions for the Candidates

It turns out that I’m not a credentialed journalist, or a journalist of any sort, or even a real person at all. That being the case, I’m not likely to be allowed the opportunity to ask the four remaining candidates any questions. That won’t stop me from formulating what I would ask them given the […]

Forgetting the Lessons of the Algerian War…Again

There’s a useful piece up on Salon about the reaction of the American right to the terror attacks in Belgium. The gist, and I’m paraphrasing, is that the goal of the attacks is not to harm the enemies of ISIS, it’s to drive a wedge between westerners and Muslims. By reacting to the attacks by […]

Carl’s Jr., Meet Idiocracy

Andy Pudzer, CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, doesn’t want employees to earn a living wage. So, if the government requires that he pay his employees decently, he’s going to consider getting rid of all of them. After visiting a fully-automated restaurant, he had this to say: “I want to try it,” CEO Andy Puzder […]

I Get Mail! (Deep in the Heart of Texas edition)

John Cornyn (R-Tex) is one of those senators whose job is so safe he gets to say the really nutty stuff that politicians who have to actually run for re-election can’t get away with. This morning, he sent me this marvelous bit of fundraising duplicity: Having served as Texas’ Attorney General, I have a unique […]

A Tale of Two Attack Ads

Now that the primary season is likely over, it’s time for the two presumptive nominees to start taking shots at each other. Let’s take a quick look at the opening salvos, shall we? We’ll start with the anti-Trump ad: Above: An anti-Trump ad that won’t win over the hearts of misogynists. The content is solid, […]

You Broke It, You Bought It (The Joy of Trump)

It’s looking like Trump is going to be the GOP candidate for President this year, isn’t it? Oh, are we ever going to have some fun with this! The way I see it, he has exactly three cards in his deck: Pandering Bullying The aura of a “winner” As it turns out, that’s a very […]

I Hope President Obama Doesn’t Understand How Encryption Works

…because otherwise, he’s on the wrong side of the fence on this one. The President appears to want there to be “strong encryption” that isn’t so strong that the government can’t break it. People have rightly pointed out that if the government has the keys, it isn’t “strong encryption.” And, let’s be honest here: If […]