F. O. P.*

* “Friends of Pancakes”

A non-inclusive list of non-WordPress blogs and pages I frequently visit. This is absolutely not just a cheesy way to turn my bookmarks file into additional content. Nope. I wouldn’t do that, would I?

Writers and Artists:

Charlie Stross

Hyperbole and a Half

Warren Ellis


Neil Gaiman

Keith Law

Joe Hill

Matt Haig

Bruce Sterling

Chuck Wendig

Kate Beaton


Amanda Fucking Palmer

Ted Leo

Nine Inch Nails



Miskatonic University

Our Solar System If The Moon Was Only 1 Pixel (not a blog, but it’s so beautiful I’m permalinking it)

Spiritual Guidance:

The Church of the subGenius

Russell Brand:

Russell Brand



Welcome to Night Vale

Fighting The Good Fight:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Sea Turtle, Inc.

Planned Parenthood


Penny Red

Elizabeth Warren

Unpopular Nonfiction


Jim Hightower

Chris’ Eastern Screech Owl Next Box Cam

Inactive Friends:

China Mieville

William Gibson

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