Know Your Rights (workplace disucssions edition)

Last week,┬áThe Atlantic published an article I believe should be posted in workplaces all over the U.S.: It’s illegal fire or punish people for talking to other workers about how much they make. In fact, it’s illegal to even threaten to do so or discourage workers from talking about their salaries. This may seem like […]

Working at Something You Love

This one’s a bit more like an old-school LJ post than the…well, whatever it is that this blog’s known for. Just wanted to warn you before we got started. I’ve had the opportunity to make money in a field I loved three times so far in my life. I’ve worked, tangentially, in the music industry, […]

A Proposal For a 13-Month Calendar

Alrighty, I have an idea I’d like to share with you both all, and I think it’s a good one. Here’s the pitch: A 13-month calendar is, for many reasons, a much better thing than a 12-month calendar. It makes so man things easier when every month is the same length. You just tack a […]

Humor on your morning commute…

…is strictly forbidden. For some reason, the public WiFi on my train blocks both and That’s really annoying on mornings when my RSS feed is bare. Of course, the ads on the Cracked app load just fine, so there’s that… And yes, I know I’m sitting here complaining about the fact that my […]