On a jet plane with Sarah Palin (figuratively speaking)

This is one of those “Hey, I’m writing from a plane” posts. Can’t wait to be back home. I have Things To Do. However, first things first: My inbox has been filling up with commentary on the early days of the Sarah Palin channel. The passage that’s been drawing the most interest is this one, […]

Quiet weirdness

(or “Another Thrilling Entry That Dates Me!”) Do any of you remember the very, very late night TV talk show “Tomorrow With Tom Snyder“? I don’t think of it very often, but when I do, it’s with fondness mixed with a little “why do I remember this fondly?”  It had a very distinctive feel to […]

The NFL Has An Animated Cartoon-Like “Thing”

I’ve had better weekends. Three days without power now and no ETA on restoration, so I’m in a hotel and watching TV. We’ve been getting all of our TV over the interwebs for several years now, so it’s been quite an education. Commercials are way more jarring than I remember and it’s a little disappointing […]

This would explain a lot about Lindsay, huh?

That strapping young man with the killer ‘stache is Jeffrey Tambor on the set of “Max Headroom.”  If you’re an Arrested Development fan and you’re anything like me, you may have felt that one of the weakest links in Season 4 was the casting of the younger George Bluth. I like Seth Rogan just fine, […]