Today’s Least Surprising News

Obama is backpedaling on his commitment to net neutrality. I’ve seen statistics that claim that Obama’s actually been pretty good about keeping his promises, but man, he’s really blown it on some of the bigger ones (whistleblower protections, closing Guantanamo, more transparent government, etc.). I’m disappointed*, but I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.   * […]

It’s Like A Honey Badger That Really, Truly Cares

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted a test version of their Privacy Badger browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. It’s a little doohickey to rid your browser of unwanted tracking cookies and enforce the “Do Not Track” header. I’m taking it out for a spin as we speak, but given the EFF’s track record, I feel […]

It’s OK Because We’re Only Doing It Overseas, Right?

It’s really quite miraculous that Glenn Greenwald hasn’t met with an unfortunate and plausibly-deniable accident. The nuggets he’s parceling out are rife with the potential to embarrass, or, even worse, rile people up about what their government is actually doing. The recent revelation that the NSA has been bugging U.S.-export network hardware isn’t especially surprising. […]


Epichairekakia No, I’m not even a little happy that Gundotra’s leaving and I’m sorry for his recent misfortunes. However, if this really means, as BoingBoing* suggests, the end of forced integration with G+, then the world will be ever slightly a better place.   * The title is the link. I can’t change it without […]

A jövő sokkal egyenletesebben oszlik el, mint gondolnánk

Hello! Üdvözöljük az összes barátom Magyarországon! Lehet, hogy nem voltak barátai Magyarországon, de akkor is, ha nem a barátom , köszönöm , hogy benéztél . Írom ezt bemutatni , milyen csodálatos a jövő . Írtam ezen a poszton az angol , valamint egy egyszerű fordítási eszköz, amely elérhető bárki térítés nélkül fordítani ezt az üzenetet […]

808s and Heartbleed*

So, the Heartbleed/OpenSSL issue finally persuaded me to stop trying to memorize all my passwords and take a look at some of the password vault programs. I’m liking LastPass so far, but I don’t have much experience with it or any other similar program (1Pass, etc.). Do any of you have any experience with these […]

Irony is officially over

Mike Pompeo, a U.S. Representative, is imploring SxSW to cancel the planned tele-appearance by Edward Snowden. I encourage you to read the entire piece. It’s really special. He’s either just an amazingly good liar or he doesn’t realize that the answer to nearly every one of his questions is “Bradley Manning.” Nearly everything that has […]

Humor on your morning commute…

…is strictly forbidden. For some reason, the public WiFi on my train blocks both and That’s really annoying on mornings when my RSS feed is bare. Of course, the ads on the Cracked app load just fine, so there’s that… And yes, I know I’m sitting here complaining about the fact that my […]

The campaign that never was

If these were to appear all of the world, I’m sure G+ would listen and restore my account. Of course, this stencil would be bloody impossible to actually make, and using it would be illegal, so I’m not holding my breath. Still, it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? Thanks to for the tools.