And Then There Were Two*

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton, a no holds barred cage match to the death**. This should be fun. Clinton is very much “the devil you know.” She’s the closest thing the Democrats have to Bob Dole in the sense that her candidacy feels as though it’s a result of it being her turn as much […]

Questions for the Candidates

It turns out that I’m not a credentialed journalist, or a journalist of any sort, or even a real person at all. That being the case, I’m not likely to be allowed the opportunity to ask the four remaining candidates any questions. That won’t stop me from formulating what I would ask them given the […]

Forgetting the Lessons of the Algerian War…Again

There’s a useful piece up on Salon about the reaction of the American right to the terror attacks in Belgium. The gist, and I’m paraphrasing, is that the goal of the attacks is not to harm the enemies of ISIS, it’s to drive a wedge between westerners and Muslims. By reacting to the attacks by […]

I Get Mail! (Deep in the Heart of Texas edition)

John Cornyn (R-Tex) is one of those senators whose job is so safe he gets to say the really nutty stuff that politicians who have to actually run for re-election can’t get away with. This morning, he sent me this marvelous bit of fundraising duplicity: Having served as Texas’ Attorney General, I have a unique […]

The Evil of Two Lessers

As you might imagine, I’m not super-thrilled with  Donald Drumpf as the likely Republican candidate for President of the United States. His success owes as much to his embrace of racism as it does people knowing his name and mistakenly associating it with success. He’s got oodles of entertainment value, but he’s a pretty piss-poor […]

What We Know So Far (post-New Hampshire)

Well, at least it’s going to be interesting, isn’t it? On the Democratic side, we’ve had a tie in Iowa and a Sanders win in his backyard New Hampshire. This promises to be a long battle. I suspect that this will work to their advantage. For the most part, Clinton and Sanders are espousing the […]

It’s probably mean to keep picking on Ted Cruz

…but man, is he the gift that keeps on giving or what? Cruz has decided that Supreme Court rulings only apply to the states who are party to the particular case being decided. No really. Here’s what he said: “Article III of the Constitution gives the court the authority to resolve cases and controversies. Those […]

Why Stop at a Flat Tax?

Ah, the Flat Tax! The panacea of Libertarians and the Extremely Wealthy everywhere! So seductive in its simplicity: A single tax rate for all tax payers, regardless of income. Believe it or not, even I support a slightly modified version of the Flat Tax*. There’s no question that it would reduce the tax-related infrastructure (and […]