Ello, is it me you’re looking for?

(do you have any idea how hard it is to write something about Ello and not do some sort of silly play on words?) Ok, last update for the night: Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, Ello co-founders, both say that concerns over their venture cap investors and the potential “exit” postulated by Aral Balkan are […]

Ello, Ello again

(an aside: Have you ever seen anything blow up out of nothing the way Ello has? There are probably several good theses in the story of the initial proliferation of the site and the fact that everyone seems to be talking about it) There’s a very good argument for avoiding Ello to be made, and […]

Well that didn’t work at all

It was my hope that a mash up of Pop Will Eat Itself’s 1989 gem “Can U Dig It?” (video) and Clint Mansell’s “Lux Æterna” (music) from the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack would have been charming as heck. I was mistaken. Sometimes, mixing two unlike things can be interesting and even illuminating. Sometimes, it […]


When I was younger, I believed that an allergic reaction to, say, poison ivy, meant that poison ivy was terribly damaging to my body. It wasn’t until much later that I learned that the poison ivy, while certainly not good for me, wasn’t really the problem. The problem was that my body was overreacting to […]

Real Life as a Role Playing Game

Before reading any further, I urge you to read Tricia Sullivan’s guest post on Charlie Stross’ site. It’s a meaty, thoughtful piece chock full o’ ideas that make you think. I’m looking forward to her next three posts on antipope and I’ve already added her to my RSS feed. Seriously, go read it. I’ll wait. […]

Protonmail update

(As a mea culpa for the spelling errors in the subject line of a couple of recent posts, I’m going to skip politics today and try to be helpful.) I’ve been using Protonmail for last six weeks  (my initial post can be found here) and figured now would be a good time to share my […]

Trying to keep it positive, but…

There are stories that just get under your skin. Even with all of the sickness and sadness and unbelievably stupid violence in the world right now, nothing has shaken my view that people aren’t hopelessly stupid and are capable of acting decently. I say this even while the appalling events in Ferguson are unfolding. I […]

Progress report

I’ve contacted several city governments concerning their purchases of certain items (no hints yet) and I’m waiting on a response from all of them. There’s actually a pleasant degree of transparency in city purchasing. The trick is to figure out how these items are named and coded on the relevant documents. I hope to have […]

Please consider helping Paul Galusha

EDIT: I messed up the donation link. It should be correct now. This is the sort of story that makes me sick to my stomach. Paul Galusha of Pensacola, Florida, was driving his wife’s car when a city services truck ran a stop sign and ran into him. The car was totaled and Galusha suffered […]