Where is WTF Pancakes?

He’s wrapping up his vacation (and he’s speaking of himself in third person for some reason). Reading the news over the last month has been an exercise in, well, an exercise in something that is extremely unpleasant. Anyway, I’m back tomorrow and catching up on things. I expect I shall be In A Mood. Cheers, […]

What I Want Ello To Be When It Grows Up

After the initial discovery period of figuring out what Ello is, I’m now trying to figure out what I want it to be and whether or not that’s where the developers are heading with this project. What I do want: 1. A modicum of privacy and no “real names” requirements. 2. An interface that’s lightweight, […]

Sonic black holes are real…and they’re spectacular

(cross-posted from Ello) This bit of mind-blowing science was called to my attention by @jinxbubbletush this morning and I’ve been down the Wikipedia rabbit hole all morning trying to wrap my head around it. The article describes how scientist have been able to create a sonic black hole and observe Hawking radiation on its periphery. […]

Lux Lisbon: “That Stuff Tastes Really Good”

In between being hellishly busy at work and a little medical relapse, I haven’t had too many opportunities to write here (and, c’mon, who wants to write about ebola?). On the plus side, I’ve had a chance to spend a little more time with Twitter. Twitter normally moves so quickly that I can’t keep up […]

Good News/Bad News

Some of you may have seen my post concerning Paul Galusha’s financial and legal battles. He was badly injured by a Pensacola city vehicle, but the city was refusing to admit culpability for his six-figure medical bills. The good news is that the city got trounced in court. The jury found in favor the Mr. […]

The story so far (Ello-wise)

My first, long-ish post on Ello with attempts at formatting and all that good stuff is here. Why yes, I finally figured out how the permalinks work, or maybe they just suddenly started working, but I’m guessing the former. TL/DR: It’s pretty, it’s buggy, it’s interesting, and the UI can be really hard to read […]

‘Ints from Ello-ese

(yeah, I know…that title was a bit of a reach): Two more Ello-related points of interest. 1) You can use animated GIFs for your banner. I haven’t tested the profile pics, but so far, it seems to be a pretty friendly site for that sort of thing. Check out Skitoman’s banner. 2) There’s still a […]