For all my troubles with Google+

they’ve never pulled anything quite as brazen as this: Facebook patented an API to make it easier for law-enforcement agencies (NSA et. al.) to retrieve data on Facebook users. So, not only were they denying giving this information to the government, not only were they building tools to make it easy for the government, they […]

Giving Google Credit Where Due

As you may or may not be aware, Google may not be on my Christmas card list this year (and vice-versa). But, I have to admit, they still do a lot of cool stuff for a company of their size. For example, Google is going to actively make it tougher for the NSA and the […]

The Dead Horse, Re-beaten

Oh Google, you so crazy. I’ve been told, once again, that my name does not conform to the Google+ names policy. For those of you just joining in on the fun, here’s the policy in its entirety: Google+ Profile Names Policy Names and Google+ Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting […]

Silver Linings (Google+ edition)

Well, still no joy on the G+ front, but I can at least recommend the Google+ help community.  They’ve been more responsive and more informative than any of the responses my names policy violation appeals. I still don’t have much hope for my appeal. The actual Google+ names policy is apparently somewhat different from the […]

Last Chance Saloon-Google+ style!

Well, four weeks after it was submitted, Google officially rejected my first appeal to have my Google+ account reinstated. I was suspended after a year and a half on the site because my name violates the Goolge+ names policy. The policy has been eased since its inception; you are no longer required to use your […]

The Universe Is Out To Get Me

How can so many amazing stories pop up during the same week?  Hobby Lobby is threatening to close all of their stores because they feel that the free practice of their religion requires discrimination. This is perfect for social networking; a blog post is overkill because, honestly, what can I possibly add to a story like […]