Et tu, Chrome?

At the risk of re-beating a dead horse, Chrome has stopped being the browser-of-choice for quite a few people. This Gizmodo post gets to the core of the issue right in the first paragraph: Remember when we all switched from Firefox to Chrome? Chrome was stripped down, simple but fast as hell. It was like browsing […]

Trolling Google location services

Do you carry an Android phone, or even a tablet? Have I got a treat for you! Give this link a look-see: Google Location History Isn’t that cool? If your results are anything like mine, and you’ve had Google location services turned on, you’ll see a map of where you’ve been today. Even better, you […]

It’s Time to #nongoogle Everything.

Originally posted on Unspoken Pebbly:
It’s been nearly a year since the Snowden documents came out. In that time there’s been a growing number of people, myself included, who have become aware of the environment of ubiquitous surveillance we’re in–not just government eavesdropping, but corporate data collection as well–and from then to now, the progress…

Goodbye Google (part 2)

Now that I’ve made the decision to de-Googlefy myself, I’m faced with determining exactly what that means and how to do it. I was heavily invested in Google products and untangling is proving to be a good deal more work than I expected. Let’s break it down into categories: Authentication: Using Google or Facebook to […]

Goodbye Google (part 1)

Have you read the article about the woman who decided to hide her pregnancy from “big data?” ThinkProgress has the most complete recap of her story and it’s well worth your time. Even if you don’t read it, I’d like you to take a moment and consider what it would take to keep a secret […]


Epichairekakia No, I’m not even a little happy that Gundotra’s leaving and I’m sorry for his recent misfortunes. However, if this really means, as BoingBoing* suggests, the end of forced integration with G+, then the world will be ever slightly a better place.   * The title is the link. I can’t change it without […]

Google+: A Polite Report From The Nymwars Front

My gluttony for vague, faceless punishment knows no bounds. I miss the community on Google+, so I figured I’d appeal again and see if they’d reinstate my account. I have no expectations, but live in hope. Here’s the “supporting documentation” I sent with my appeal: Dear Google, I am writing you once more in hopes […]

The campaign that never was

If these were to appear all of the world, I’m sure G+ would listen and restore my account. Of course, this stencil would be bloody impossible to actually make, and using it would be illegal, so I’m not holding my breath. Still, it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? Thanks to for the tools.

Through the Google Glass

Ok, so, I’ve had the opportunity to demo Google Glass and it’s got a lot of potential. The demo was reasonably tightly curated, so I couldn’t deviate too far from the path, but at least I got a feel for the hardware and the state of play of the voice recognition. Physically, it’s pretty well […]