Know Your Rights (workplace disucssions edition)

Last week,┬áThe Atlantic published an article I believe should be posted in workplaces all over the U.S.: It’s illegal fire or punish people for talking to other workers about how much they make. In fact, it’s illegal to even threaten to do so or discourage workers from talking about their salaries. This may seem like […]

Great Moments in Self-Congratulatory Marketing

Have you seen the 2014 list of the “Most Well-Read Cities in America?” Without clicking the link, you might wonder how such a list was compiled. Did they survey the inhabitants of each city to determine how many books they read over the previous year? Nope, instead, it’s just a list of who bought books […]

How To Fail At Business The Square Enix Way!

Always, always make sure your product is less desirable and useful to your customers than one they can get free with minimal effort and risk. Make sure it runs worse, isn’t portable to another computer when the customer buys a new one, will cease working if they have no network connection or if your company […]