Working at Something You Love

This one’s a bit more like an old-school LJ post than the…well, whatever it is that this blog’s known for. Just wanted to warn you before we got started. I’ve had the opportunity to make money in a field I loved three times so far in my life. I’ve worked, tangentially, in the music industry, […]

My Most Favorite Comic Book Series (a list!)

I’ve been reading comics for a long, long time, but it wasn’t until a friend handed me Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen that I really took ’em seriously. I don’t mean “seriously” as “Serious Literature”; I’m not even sure what that means. I just mean that it wasn’t until Watchmen that I really got […]

Stross on Lovecraft

This is a great time of year to celebrate all…well, most things Lovecraft (or Lovecraft-inspired). Today, I’d like to point you in the direction of the always-worth-reading Charlie Stross speculating about what might have inspired Lovecraft’s sense of horror. I’m not going to spoil it for you because it’s well worth reading and ties into […]


The question that’s been on everyone’s mind is “Will WTF Pancakes participate in NaNoWriMo this year?” The answer is “Yes…and no.” I will be writing this year, but I’ll be using a pseudonym for it this time around. I’ll keep things relatively non-fiction around here and keep the fiction…somewhere else.  But fear not, gentle reader!  […]

Atonement (and a list of books!)

So, last last night, I committed the internet sin of commenting on one of John Scalzi’s tweets after only skimming the linked article and completely misunderstanding the point.  It’s embarrassing because I really like Scalzi and it makes me feel kind of tool-ish. Ah well. Looking back at this blog, I’m pretty sure I’ve had […]

TL/DR – A recap of yesterday’s post

The Future of the Book thing over on Charlie Stross’ blog is interesting stuff. I posted my thoughts on the subject at length yesterday. At very, very great length. Probably too much length. So here’s the short version: Digital art of any sort is cheaper to produce than it used to be, free to copy, […]