A Great Reason To See ‘Where To Invade Next’

The Wall Street Journal hates it! Well, color me sold. The WSJ is one of the more obvious Murdoch sock-puppets, making Fox News look “Fair and Balanced” in comparison. Seriously, it’s probably Moore’s best film. It’s easily his least-negative and most upbeat. Instead of concentrating on what’s wrong, Moore focuses on what can be done […]

It’s better than three-fifths!

In Florida and Alabama, 31% of all black men are ineligible to vote. 69/100 > 3/5, so I guess that’s progress… Remember that the next time Florida’s electoral votes are allocated in a general election. P.S. No, it’s not because black people are more likely to be, say, drug users. Try again.

The Evil of Two Lessers

As you might imagine, I’m not super-thrilled with  Donald Drumpf as the likely Republican candidate for President of the United States. His success owes as much to his embrace of racism as it does people knowing his name and mistakenly associating it with success. He’s got oodles of entertainment value, but he’s a pretty piss-poor […]

What We Know So Far (post-New Hampshire)

Well, at least it’s going to be interesting, isn’t it? On the Democratic side, we’ve had a tie in Iowa and a Sanders win in his backyard New Hampshire. This promises to be a long battle. I suspect that this will work to their advantage. For the most part, Clinton and Sanders are espousing the […]

Down from the mountain

Like the great prophet of our era, I have come down from the mountain. You awakened me with your “election season” noise. This is your fault. I liked it up there. While I’m putting together some initial thought, here’s a little light reading for you: Sadism is not for everyone, not even for every neoliberal. […]

Hiatus…with Puppies!

Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been wallowing in so much negativity that I had to take a break. Now, let’s get to the negativity. I have spent many, many hours reading about the Hugo Awards fiasco this year. I have spent many hours listening to people who voted, many of them for the first time. […]

On Being A Jerk

This was a trying weekend. I have come to the conclusion that focusing so much on the negative, even when I’m “in the right,” is going to wear me down to a nub in short order. It’s not fun, it puts me in fight-or-flight mode, and it’s not really helping anyone. Here’s an article that’s […]

Final Labor Day Post: Reconciling Christianity and Capitalism

You can’t. At least, that’s the takeaway from the Gravity Payment’s experiment with paying workers a good wage and letting them share in the fruits of their labor. It hasn’t gone well, at least from a business perspective. Granted, any time a column starts with “Rush Limbaugh was right” it’s probably going to be a […]