The derp in here has gone up a couple of degrees

So, some scientists and pro-science types have decided to start using a hashtag, #StandWithScience for their crowd funding campaign. This being the internet, you can probably guess what happened. It took about 10 seconds for the perpetual adolescent crowd to start using it for their own purposes. Nothing new in that.

What is fun, though, is that these dipshits are so incredibly bad at it. Client change science isn’t particularly controversial among scientists, so watching The Usual Suspects, the folks with the credibility and intellectual horsepower of an unusually dense 8 year old, try to mock the idea is really, really funny, albeit not for the reasons they probably meant. It’s like watching someone spray paint “Your dumb! Hur hur hur!” on a statue of Einstein.

They’ve somehow managed to bring racism, sexism, and Milo into it, so you know the kind of people we’re dealing with here. It’s probably not something I should be proud of, but it’s a hoot to watch them fail…again.

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