Encryption on WordPress?

About damn time.

Good things are starting to happen on the encryption front. This is important. The problem with expensive and/or difficult encryption is that it won’t be universally adopted. At the extreme in of the spectrum, that means that anyone using encryption is instantly flagged as a Person of Interest. That kind of defeats the purpose, ya know? In the slightly less bad version, it restricts secure certs to those who can afford them. Neither situation is optimal.

What the internet wants and needs, obviously, is for everyone to use encryption. That means that  no one stands out from the crowd and it’s accessible to everyone. This should be about as controversial as saying “everyone should have locks on their front door.”

I get so negative because, well, it’s easy to be negative. There’s so much that’s bad that it’s easy to default to point my fingers and yelling “Hey, look at this asshole, he’s an asshole.” It’s nice to get to write about something good.


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