False Dichotomy

The BBC link reads:

Racist troll’ – or conservative free speech crusader?

If you read the post, and it’s worth reading as it’s contributed by the excellent Olivia Crellin, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion as I: “Both.”

I mean, Andie Pauly isn’t even trying to be anything but a troll. She’s making statements that are long on provocation and short on reason, truth, or honesty. She’s trying to get a reaction, not to make any particular point.

As someone with a passing familiarity with people who play characters online (hint: WTF Pancakes might not be my real name!), her bio reads like…well, let’s just say she blocks “beta males.” This isn’t someone trying to be taken seriously.

She’s racist. She’s sexist. She’s aggressively stupid. She is the perfect poster child for both racist trolls and conservative free speech crusaders.

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