The Evil of Two Lessers

As you might imagine, I’m not super-thrilled with  Donald Drumpf as the likely Republican candidate for President of the United States. His success owes as much to his embrace of racism as it does people knowing his name and mistakenly associating it with success. He’s got oodles of entertainment value, but he’s a pretty piss-poor candidate in terms of things like “ability to say things that make sense” and “understanding of how anything works,” but, oddly enough, he’s not even close to the worst candidate in the Republican primary.

Ted Cruz is special. He’s somehow earned the devotion of the people who think that “Constitutional Originalism” is a real and good thing. It’s funny, because Cruz has shown himself to believe in one thing: Ted Cruz. His campaign has been nothing but shady borderline-illegal and certainly unethical con-jobs trying to steal votes from other Republicans. His views on the Constitution and governance in general are equally egocentric. He doesn’t support the Constitution; he believes that the only valid interpretations of the Constitution are those which support Ted Cruz. He knows what the Founding Fathers really meant, and it just happens to be exactly whatever Ted Cruz believes.

Here’s a marvelously damning example: Ted Cruz wants to pardon the people who committed crimes in an unsuccessful attempt to get Planned Parenthood to aid them in their crimes. The key word here, of course, is “unsuccessful.” They failed to induce any illegal actions on the part of Planned Parenthood, but that didn’t stop them from cutting their video in a way as to give the impression that Planned Parenthood broke the law. The courts were unimpressed and noted that, while law enforcement officers can sometimes get a pass when they’re setting up a sting, filmmakers don’t get the same leeway.

So, to sum up: Ted Cruz wants to pardon lawbreakers who tried to illegally set up Planned Parenthood and then lied about Planned Parenthood’s activities when their mark failed to take the bait. Ted Cruz sees the criminals as the “good guys” here because they produced a result that he believes in, even what they did was against the law AND their story was a complete lie.

Ted Cruz is a far worse candidate than Drumpf. Drumpf is just a bad haircut with good marketing and weird charisma who figured out that pandering to racists is a winning strategy.  Cruz is Drumpf without any of the positives. He’s a racist, he’s an egotist, and he puts his faith above the law he’s supposedly so enamored of. Given the choices, the fact that the Republican party has embraced Drumpf actually gives me a little more respect for them.

And yes, I know that’s setting the bar very, very low.

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