3 May is World Freedom of the Press Day

Thanks to there being a free press in the United States, no one can spin the events in Baltimore as being due to “the lack of fathers” or “the lack of a moral code.”  Well, some folks try, but the images and eyewitness accounts make them look foolish and racist.

My last post was a poorly-written mess, but the key point was that when someone tells you not to talk about something, they’re trying to control you and you should speak up. A free press is an expression of that same idea at a societal level. There are people and institutions who want people to believe that Baltimore is about something, anything other than a society that has, for decades, has tacitly accepted that law enforcement can kill black people with impunity. The fact that there’s a free press that won’t demure and shut up, that won’t politely say and do what they’re told, is vital to the truth getting out.

So, happy World Free Press Day everyone. Be grateful if you have a free press where you live, and if you don’t, fight for it.

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