You’re familiar with the Gish Gallop, right? In short, it’s a debate technique of burying your opponent in so many statements that they have no time to debunk each of them. It’s a pretty juvenile technique, but you see it pretty frequently when one party or the other has no legs on which to stand. Lists like the old,ridiculous “Bill Clinton death list” are printed examples of the same idea.

I’d like to submit a new name for a subset of the Gish Gallop, the Rush Roll. This technique, perfected by Mr. Limbaugh, is similar to a Gish Gallop but follows a very specific format:

1) Invent a “fact” out of thin air.

2) Draw a conclusion from the aforementioned fact that doesn’t follow.

3) Draw a parallel between that conclusion and something completely different.

4) Make a friendly aside to suggest that this is obvious and common sense to anyone hearing/reading this piece.

5) Make a batshit insane final conclusion which Godwins the entire thread.

If you’ve listened to Limbaugh for more than, say, five minutes, you’re familiar with his style. There’s a reason he doesn’t do debate or work with guests: His style only works if there’s a single, uninterrupted voice. Challenging him destroys him.

Today’s example of the “Rush Roll” comes courtesy of The Place Where Decency Went To Die,

Here, in all its glory, is a beautiful example of the Rush Roll:

Iran ALREADY has a Nuke ? America RETREATS in FEAR from Iran — Obama’s IMPEACHMENT if Revealed ?
Patton@Bastogne ^ | 2015-05-21 | Patton@Bastogne 

Posted on 4/21/2015, 7:22:58 PM by Patton@Bastogne


In 2008 candidate “Barrack Hussein Obama” promised United States citizens that he would do anything possible to prevent the “clinically insane” Iranian Islamic State from obtaining a Nuclear Weapon.


Would Obama finally “cross the red line” (Impeachment) with the America public … 

if Americans KNEW that Iran had successfully designed and tested (in North Korea) a nuclear device suitable for a missile launch ? 

AND a treasonous President Obama (and Iranian Islamic sympathizer vis-a-via Obama’s Iranian Chief of Staff Vallerie Jarret) … 

had BETRAYED and LIED to the American body politic ? 


Is this the “clandestine military intelligence” that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu shared with GOP Senate and House “leaders” Mitch McConnell and John Boehner prior to Netanyahu’s historic address to the U.S. Congress ? 

Why … exactly why … is the U.S. Military dancing in FEAR around Iran’s incredible military aggression in the Greater Middle East ? 

Was the U.S. Pentagon “compelled” to ALLOW Iranian forces into the very heart of Iraq, where 10,000 Americans soldiers bled and died ? 

Was President Obama’s “inept negotiation” of a “Joint Forces Agreement” for U.S. troops and airbases to stay in Iraq … 

a DIRECT RESULT of an Iranian threat to a launch nuclear strike against Baghdad ? 

Is this why Gen. Petraus was clearly “blackmailed” into resignation by the corrupt Obama administration ? 


Gentle readers … WHY have ALL of America and our European allies have played a clearly foolish Dance of Appeasement with Iran over the last few years ? 


History students of World War II have often speculated what would have happened if Nazi Germany had successfully developed (say in 1943) both a nuclear weapon and a mid-range V-Series ICBM. 

Then, instead of a messy Polish invasion in 1939, Nazi Germany could have started the war with a VICTORIUS nuclear attack against England (Manchester), France (Verdun), Russia (Leningrad) and Turkey (Ankara) … 

all launched on the same day. 

Nazi Germany would have NOT asked for these nations’ “Unconditional Surrender”. 

Instead … Hitler and Ribbentrop would have simply demanded ALL of North Africa, Jerusalem, the Suez Canal, all French colonies, and all of Poland, and of course, Soviet Russia’s Ukraine. 


Americans, isn’t that EXACTLY what the West is doing with Iran RIGHT NOW ? 

Iran demands and annexes the Gaza Strip … 

Iran demands and annexes Iraq and Baghdad … 

Iran demands and annexes Syria … 

Iran demands and annexes Yemen … 

Meanwhile, America and the West argue loudly in public … but dance in abject surrender because the … 

United States fears Chicago being destroyed … 

Great Britain fears Manchester being destroyed … 

France fears Boudreaux being destroyed … 

Israel fears Tel Aviv being destroyed … 

Egypt fears Luxor being destroyed … 


Have Iran’s “insane” Islamic Terrorist Mullahs LEARNED the LESSONS of NAZI GERMANY’s military defeat ? 

Are those miliraty lessons NOW being successfully used to bully the West in accepting Iranian rulership over the Greater Middle East ?

Patton gets bonus points for the gratuitous Cavuotos (asking a question instead of making a statement so he can have plausible deniability when called on his nonsense). It’s pretty impressive. The proposition, as I follow it is:

1. Iran already has nuclear bombs (not remotely true)

2. Therefore, Obama should be impeached (doesn’t follow from premise)

3. Iran is the same as Nazi Germany (huh?)

4. The Nazis would have won WW2 if they’d had nuclear weapons they never could have had and they would demanded other nations surrender their most valuable lands.

5. Therefore, that is what Iran is doing RIGHT NOW!

If I didn’t know better, I’d think ol’ Patton was trolling the Freepers. This post is so dumb, so poorly written, so ill-considered that it doesn’t border on self-parody; it violates those borders like….nope, not going to say it.

Anyway, I had to read this dumb thing, so I’m inflicting it on you now. This is “fun” for me. I’m probably a bad person, huh?

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