Abandon all hope ye who enter here…it’s Klawchat!

Did you hear the one about the baseball writers talking about evolution? This is a good one. A couple of weeks ago, ESPN analyst Curt Schilling began using his Twitter account as a platform to talk about the many failings of the theory of evolution. Unfortunately for Mr. Schilling, his tweets revealed a complete lack of understanding as to what the theory of evolution actually is and what sort of data would damage the theory. At the risk of editorializing (a risk I’m always willing to take), his tweets read like what you’d expect you’d expect your uncle to write after downing a case of Milwaukee’s Best.

It’s kind of sad to read them, isn’t it? He clearly doesn’t have the fainest notion of what he’s talking about. The trolls obviously had a field day picking him apart and you never really gets the sense that he understands that he’s the butt of the joke.

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve got Keith Law, another ESPN analyst. If you’re not reading Keith Law, you’re missing out. He’s a baseball writer. He’s such a good baseball writer that he is literally the only reason I’ve maintained an ESPN Insider account. Keith is also an interesting blogger outside of the baseball world. He focuses on music, food, books, and board games (especially those for the whole family).

Mr. Law is also one of the most rational people you’re likely to meet. He knows his logical fallacies and he’s not afraid to call people out for using them. His writing is sharp, incisive, thoroughly reasoned, and utterly unsentimental. I’m guessing most of you already know where this is going.

Law tweeted corrections to Schilling’s mistakes and, in the process seems to have angered his employers. In response, ESPN suspended Law from Twitter. We don’t know exactly which of Law’s actions drew this response, but ESPN has said that it wasn’t because of his defense of evolution:

Keith’s Twitter suspension had absolutely nothing to do with his opinions on the subject.

That’s a suspicsiouly narrow statement (not to mention it seems to imply this was a difference of opinions, not fact). Whatever.

While not every cloud has a silver lining, this one might. There are probably literally several of people who had never heard of Keith Law who now have. Please give him a look. He’s a terrific writer who keeps himself focussed on interesting subjects and he has level of bullshit which approaches zero. His blog can be found here. Joe Bob…er, Uncle Pancakes says “Check it out.”

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