“It’s only bad when the other side does it. I’m cool with it when it’s our guy.”


Liberals who criticize the policies of a Republican president and then defend the same damn policies when a Democratic president is in charge are my sworn enemies. Few things are more damaging to liberalism than liberals defending bad actions by their leaders. Nothing undercuts your credibility like this kind of hypocrisy.

This is doubleplus true during the Obama administration. More than any President since Reagan, Obama was elected with a mandate to reverse the course set by his predecessor. I loved candidate Obama, but Obama-the-president has been a huge disappointment in foreign policy*, economics, civil liberties. He’s extended the Bush policies rather than undoing the damage.

So, the president has failed to live up to his promise. The very last thing we need are liberals stepping up to defend his record. Instead of blaming the president for his failures, they’re blaming the people who called attention to those failures. I know the other side does that all the time, but I don’t care about them. I don’t identify with their tribe, so their actions, as infuriating as they may be, don’t represent me.

But when my people, the people who supposedly represent my views, let me down? I’m not going to make excuses for them just because they’re on my “team.” I’m going to call them out and let them know they’re in the wrong. If I don’t, then what the hell do I stand for?

* Remember when Obama won the Nobel peace prize for, and I’m not making this up, “not being George W. Bush?”

One thought on ““It’s only bad when the other side does it. I’m cool with it when it’s our guy.”

  1. I really do agree with this post. I was an Obama supporter because of all that he promised to do during his first term and subsequent campaign for his second term, but he really has not pushed hard enough to come through on those promises. He could be forgiven if he was relentless in his attempts to get his agenda through Congress, but he hasn’t been and there really is no excuse for that. It seems that due to the deadlock in Congress he has just decided to ride out the rest of his second term and fade into the sunset. I too am disappointed by his Presidency. Great post.

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