Lux Lisbon: “That Stuff Tastes Really Good”

In between being hellishly busy at work and a little medical relapse, I haven’t had too many opportunities to write here (and, c’mon, who wants to write about ebola?). On the plus side, I’ve had a chance to spend a little more time with Twitter. Twitter normally moves so quickly that I can’t keep up with the feed or interact; I just read little snapshots of a feed from time to time on the train.

Last week, I crossed paths with the band Lux Lisbon, and I’ve had ’em in heavy rotation since. I’m new to this particular party, so bear with me if you’ve heard all this before. Take a listen to what I think is the most “representative” song, Bullingdon Club:

Listening to it reminds just how much I’ve missed “big” rock. You can hear the Springsteen and Killers influences easily enough, but for me, the vocals are better than Springsteen (I think he’s a better songwriter and arranger than singer) and the lyrics are approximately one light year beyond anything Brandon Flowers has turned in.

It’s on their new EP “Get Some Scars” and it’s an impressive collection. The title track gets almost croon-y, and the next tune, “The Devil Got Me Dancing” is a terrific change of pace with Charlotte taking the lead on vocals.  The bonus tracks, an acoustic version of “The Demons You Show” and the live “We Don’t Believe In Love No More” round it out nicely. There’s a lot of range for an EP release.

If you’re interested (and really, you ought to be), here’s a link to download the new EP:

I don’t get too many chances to write about music, but I’ve enjoyed this and wanted to share it with you. Let me know if you like it.

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