Protonmail update

(As a mea culpa for the spelling errors in the subject line of a couple of recent posts, I’m going to skip politics today and try to be helpful.)

I’ve been using Protonmail for last six weeks  (my initial post can be found here) and figured now would be a good time to share my initial impressions:

1) I’ve been using Protonmail lightly because it’s kind of a pain to use a temporary e-mail address regularly. One of the coming features is support for user domains and, as soon as that is available, I plan on making Protonmail the home of my primary email address. As it is, I’m only using sporadically.

2) The interface is quite nice and intuitive. I wouldn’t say that it’s markedly better than other webmail products, but it’s more than good enough. I do like it better than GMail’s interface and I used Gmail for years.

3) Given the light usage, I haven’t come close to bumping up against the message or storage limits. Looking at my other accounts, I doubt I will any time soon even when I move over to it.

4) It really needs a critical mass of users. I haven’t come across very many other users of Protonmail so many of the features are currently collecting dust. I can confirm that the “encrypt for outside users” function works reasonably well, although I can imagine the recipients finding it inconvenient.

Honestly, thus far, I’ve only taken it for the equivalent of a test drive; I’ve yet to really take it out on the highway and see how it performs. So far, so good, but “so far” isn’t terribly far yet.


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