Good News/Bad News

Some of you may have seen my post concerning Paul Galusha’s financial and legal battles. He was badly injured by a Pensacola city vehicle, but the city was refusing to admit culpability for his six-figure medical bills. The good news is that the city got trounced in court. The jury found in favor the Mr. […]

The story so far (Ello-wise)

My first, long-ish post on Ello with attempts at formatting and all that good stuff is here. Why yes, I finally figured out how the permalinks work, or maybe they just suddenly started working, but I’m guessing the former. TL/DR: It’s pretty, it’s buggy, it’s interesting, and the UI can be really hard to read […]

‘Ints from Ello-ese

(yeah, I know…that title was a bit of a reach): Two more Ello-related points of interest. 1) You can use animated GIFs for your banner. I haven’t tested the profile pics, but so far, it seems to be a pretty friendly site for that sort of thing. Check out Skitoman’s banner. 2) There’s still a […]

Ello, is it me you’re looking for?

(do you have any idea how hard it is to write something about Ello and not do some sort of silly play on words?) Ok, last update for the night: Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, Ello co-founders, both say that concerns over their venture cap investors and the potential “exit” postulated by Aral Balkan are […]

Ello, Ello again

(an aside: Have you ever seen anything blow up out of nothing the way Ello has? There are probably several good theses in the story of the initial proliferation of the site and the fact that everyone seems to be talking about it) There’s a very good argument for avoiding Ello to be made, and […]

If All You Have Is A Hammer…

…I’d hate to be a nail in your neighborhood. I have been, for the most part, agnostic on the subject of gun rights. The courts have settled on a fairly expansive reading of the second amendment and it seems, to me at least, to be a settled issue. Lately, though, I’ve been forced to re-think […]

The person whose car hit that cow is liable to me

(the Scotland vote yesterday is way more important than this, but I don’t have the results yet and I wanted to sneak this in while I was waiting) Let me explain to you why I despise the Tea Party so much. I don’t take issue with their concerns about government corruption and overreach*. I think […]

Well that didn’t work at all

It was my hope that a mash up of Pop Will Eat Itself’s 1989 gem “Can U Dig It?” (video) and Clint Mansell’s “Lux Æterna” (music) from the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack would have been charming as heck. I was mistaken. Sometimes, mixing two unlike things can be interesting and even illuminating. Sometimes, it […]