Dark Days In Galt’s Gulch

In what has to be the most-shocking story of the month, Galt’s Gulch, the libertarian enclave in Chile, has suffered a few setbacks. Believe it or not, I find this genuinely upsetting. No matter what I may think about Ayn Rand’s works, seeing idealistic people swindled doesn’t make me happy. This isn’t the first time the promise of an idealistic paradise has cause an emptor to cavefacio, but that doesn’t ease the pain of the True Believer when they realize they’ve been taken in.

So…I went ahead and signed up as a potential buyer at Galt’s Gulch. My investment certainly isn’t imminent, but I could suddenly find myself ridiculously wealthy and eager to invest in Chilean real estate. Stranger things have happened. I just hope the essay section of my application doesn’t deter the sales crew at GGC:

I find this whole thing deeply amusing. The idea of people devoted to the concept of selfishness attempting to form a community is rich with comedic potential. Have you ever noticed that everyone who finds Rand’s ideas appealing believes that they are one of the productive members of society? I feel like as though a colony based entirely on the ideals of quidditch and wizardry would struggle to be as funny although it might have a somewhat greater chance of success.

Wish me luck!

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