Trolling Google location services

Do you carry an Android phone, or even a tablet? Have I got a treat for you! Give this link a look-see:

Google Location History

Isn’t that cool? If your results are anything like mine, and you’ve had Google location services turned on, you’ll see a map of where you’ve been today. Even better, you can go back and see where you’ve been for quite a ways back.

Of course, if you’re even more like me, you’re running an app like, say, “Location Spoofer“, and your map will extremely accurate and utterly fictitious*. While I’m sure that anyone who really knows what they’re doing would have little difficulty in tracing where I really was, I see no reason to make it any easier for them.

*Yes, I know this makes certain services like weather apps and foursquare and the like less useful, but I can live with that. I generally know what the weather is going to be and I wouldn’t use foursquare if you paid me.

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