Please consider helping Paul Galusha

EDIT: I messed up the donation link. It should be correct now.

This is the sort of story that makes me sick to my stomach. Paul Galusha of Pensacola, Florida, was driving his wife’s car when a city services truck ran a stop sign and ran into him. The car was totaled and Galusha suffered serious injuries.

I won’t recount the whole store here, but the bottom line is that this accident was ruinous for Paul and his wife and the city of Pensacola has refused to even consider covering the amount of damage they did to these people. It’s a really ugly legal situation that makes it almost impossible for the Galushas to even get back to where they were. As it is, they’re faced with crippling debt because of something the city did and the city isn’t stepping up to take responsibility.

If you have the time, please click this link for contact information for the city council in Pensacola. If you have the money, the page gives you a way to donate to these folks. I don’t know them personally, but it could just as easily have been you, or me, or someone we know.

Pensacola’s mayor, Aston Hayward, has promised to “run the city like a business.” Fortunately, cities aren’t businesses and are, in theory, accountable to voters. Help me prove that theory. Let them know how you feel, the louder the better. And, if you live in Pensacola, I urge you to vote against anyone in city government who doesn’t actively attempt to right this wrong.

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