Teenagers are reading and writing…and somehow, that’s bad?

I’m sure you’ve seen this meme or some variation on the theme:(ganked from here although I suspect it originated elsewhere) Ye cats! Young people are staring at cell phones instead of <insert your idea of what young people ought to be doing instead of staring at cell phones here>! I’m not sure which horseman this […]

Dark Days In Galt’s Gulch

In what has to be the most-shocking story of the month, Galt’s Gulch, the libertarian enclave in Chile, has suffered a few setbacks. Believe it or not, I find this genuinely upsetting. No matter what I may think about Ayn Rand’s works, seeing idealistic people swindled doesn’t make me happy. This isn’t the first time […]

Trying to keep it positive, but…

There are stories that just get under your skin. Even with all of the sickness and sadness and unbelievably stupid violence in the world right now, nothing has shaken my view that people aren’t hopelessly stupid and are capable of acting decently. I say this even while the appalling events in Ferguson are unfolding. I […]

Trolling Google location services

Do you carry an Android phone, or even a tablet? Have I got a treat for you! Give this link a look-see: Google Location History Isn’t that cool? If your results are anything like mine, and you’ve had Google location services turned on, you’ll see a map of where you’ve been today. Even better, you […]

On Policing In General

The events in Ferguson are as sad as anything I’ve seen inside the United States. I have powerful feelings about what’s going on, but I’m going to refrain from sharing most of them for the time being. Not all of the facts are in, or, if they are, I’m not sure I have them in […]

Progress report

I’ve contacted several city governments concerning their purchases of certain items (no hints yet) and I’m waiting on a response from all of them. There’s actually a pleasant degree of transparency in city purchasing. The trick is to figure out how these items are named and coded on the relevant documents. I hope to have […]

Please consider helping Paul Galusha

EDIT: I messed up the donation link. It should be correct now. This is the sort of story that makes me sick to my stomach. Paul Galusha of Pensacola, Florida, was driving his wife’s car when a city services truck ran a stop sign and ran into him. The car was totaled and Galusha suffered […]

On a jet plane with Sarah Palin (figuratively speaking)

This is one of those “Hey, I’m writing from a plane” posts. Can’t wait to be back home. I have Things To Do. However, first things first: My inbox has been filling up with commentary on the early days of the Sarah Palin channel. The passage that’s been drawing the most interest is this one, […]

A quick one (while I’m away)

I’ve been doing some traveling and, while I love this weird, fever dream version of what we used to call a “telephone”, it isn’t terribly conducive to writing anything beyond one hundred and forty-odds characters. That said, I’ve noticed a disturbing feature that had quietly become ubiquitous in American cities that I find disturbing. I’d […]