After yesterday’s trainwreck of a post…

You ever write something, post it, and then go back and think “Geez, that’s a really crummy post?” Today, let’s follow it up with something even more unthinkable:

What I Admire About The Tea Party – by WTF Pancakes

The Tea Party are all about responsive politics. If Republican candidates don’t act on Tea Party priorities, the Tea Party will do everything within their power to oust that candidate.

Look, I find the Tea Party’s positions odious. I disagree with them in almost every possible way. However, in this age of the United States finally waking up to the fact that their government does the bidding of the wealthy regardless of which party is in power and what the voters though they were voting for, it’s admirable to see a political movement that doesn’t settle for the “Well, he’s better than the other guy” calculation.

I recognize that my admiration is tainted a little bit by the fact that the Tea Party is an astroturf operation owned by precisely those oligarchs the government already serves and that their radicalism seeks is radically in favor of the status quo wherein a small group of white males call the shots while women and minorities have to “know their place.” Like I said: The Tea Party’s beliefs are odious. I just admire the fact that they hold politicians feet to the fire.

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