Protonmail – Is this what really secure email looks like?

I’ll answer my own question with a definite “maybe” (and a Fry fistful of American dollars). Protonmail’s Indiegogo funding has been remarkably successful so far, easily surpassing the base goal of $100,000. With five days remaining, there is a real chance they could hit all of the “bonus” funding benchmarks and wind up with a formidable […]

The Queen City on the Ohio

It would be fair to say that my values are not typical of those expressed in my town’s newspaper. If one were to judge Cincinnati, Ohio strictly on the editorial content of the Cincinnati Enquirer, one might conclude that Cincinnati that the baseball team isn’t the only thing that’s red about this town. The paper […]

Google+: Coda

Skud wrote a marvelous “alternate universe” version of Google’s announcement of the end to their odious “real names” policy. It’s hard to find an ideal quote to pull from it because it’s all good, but let’s go with this one: We apologise unreservedly to those people, who through our actions were marginalised, denied access to services, and […]

If you lessen the value of life…

Just a quick one today. A couple of universities have produced studies on the impact of the “Stand Your Ground” laws. The results were, at least to me, wholly unsurprising. The TL/DR: A lot more deaths and no less crime. In this case, “a lot more deaths” means 600 additional homicides per year per state. […]

Know Your Rights (workplace disucssions edition)

Last week, The Atlantic published an article I believe should be posted in workplaces all over the U.S.: It’s illegal fire or punish people for talking to other workers about how much they make. In fact, it’s illegal to even threaten to do so or discourage workers from talking about their salaries. This may seem like […]

After yesterday’s trainwreck of a post…

You ever write something, post it, and then go back and think “Geez, that’s a really crummy post?” Today, let’s follow it up with something even more unthinkable: What I Admire About The Tea Party – by WTF Pancakes The Tea Party are all about responsive politics. If Republican candidates don’t act on Tea Party […]

The Horror of Morning Awareness

I have a stack of notes on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, but I’m not in the right headspace to dig in to that subject right now. Instead, I’d like to share some thoughts from my morning commute today: First and foremost, I’m a roll-out-of-bed-and-get-on-the-train kind of guy. I altered my routine a little […]