I Need To Be Somebody Else For A While

You know, sometimes when you wallow in snark and negativity and you’ve just trained yourself to notice all the things that are wrong in the world, it can really mess with your head. I needed to take a few days off to re-set myself; I feel like I was starting to cross the line between clever, (hopefully) amusing commentary and just becoming an outrage amplifier.

Sure, there’s plenty that’s wrong with the world, but by choosing to live there, and only there, I could feel myself going down a rabbit hole.

So, yes, the Obama administration sucks, democracy doesn’t work, and the people that are trying the hardest to make it work (the Tea Party) and people with whom I disagree on almost every policy issue. These are all true things.


But I have the ability to communicate with people all over the world, almost instantaneously, and almost free. Hell, I can make packages appear on someone’s doorstep in another country with the click of a button. I remember trying to do that back in the 80’s (because Uncle Pancakes is old) and it was an ordeal that involved a great deal of faith, hope, and cash. Lots of cash.

I don’t have one newspaper and three television stations as my only sources of information. I can’t help but think that politicians aren’t uniquely corrupt in this day and age, but rather we have a much greater ability to expose and communicate that corruption. As ugly as that is, I believe it’s a good thing.

I can access almost any form of entertainment from almost any location almost instantly and, again, at almost no cost. Remember trying to “special order” music at a record store (I said I was old)? You looked up the title in the giant yellow book, you filled out a little order slip with 3 sheets of carbon paper, and then you hoped that, in six weeks or so, your music would show up. Most often, it didn’t. That was only thirty or so years ago.

And, finally, i don’t have to be anyone forever. I can be whoever I want. I can be as many people as I want. I can even tweak the personae of my aliases if they aren’t working for me. Every so often, I need to remind myself that by focusing only on the negative, I’m becoming more negative myself. Old Man Pancakes isn’t leaving, but he is going to try to spend a little less time wallowing in ugliness.

Thanks for sticking around.


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