Raise your hand if you laughed when Kerry told Snowden to “man up.”

Seriously? The U.S. Secretary of State thinks he can get Edward Snowden to return willingly to the United States by telling him to “man up?” Geez, why wouldn’t Snowden return home after getting called out on a barely high school level by John Kerry? Maybe because the Speaker of the House and a former Secretary of State have already determined, without the need for a trial, that Snowden’s a traitor? Or perhaps it’s the fact that the Obama administration has a track record of punishing, rather than encouraging, whistleblowers?

Or maybe I should just let Edward Snowden explain it:

“What has been lain against me are not normal charges; they’re extraordinary charges,” he said.”The Espionage Act provides anyone accused of it of no chance to make a public defense. You are not allowed to argue based on all the evidence in your favor because that evidence may be classified.

“So when people say why don’t you go home and face the music, I say you have to understand that the music is not an open court and a fair trial.”

What I would love to hear Kerry, or Obama, or anyone in the administration, talk about how they were going to go after the folks implicated in the documents Snowden released. There’s plenty of wrongdoing that’s been exposed but other than a cosmetic law that supposedly reins in the NSA, I haven’t heard a peep.

I can’t let the sexism of Kerry’s statement go without comment. Once you get past the humor of watching the U.S. Secretary of State sounding like a teenager trying to talk tough, you’re left with the ugly fact that Kerry is suggesting that doing what he considers the right thing is “manly.” The implication is that only men have what it takes to be courageous. I’m willing to let Kerry off the hook for the ridiculousness of his statements because we all know he’s just posturing; Snowden is not going to be persuaded by anything Kerry says. I’m less willing to cut him slack for the casual sexism. We’re way beyond that, Mr. Kerry.



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