It’s Time to #nongoogle Everything.

A more general view of my personal beliefs. This is a good start.

Unspoken Pebbly

It’s been nearly a year since the Snowden documents came out. In that time there’s been a growing number of people, myself included, who have become aware of the environment of ubiquitous surveillance we’re in–not just government eavesdropping, but corporate data collection as well–and from then to now, the progress in pushing back against this stifling environment has been underwhelming.

We know, generally, what needs to be done. That we need significant, and unceasing pressure on our respective governments to push for meaningful reform, firstly. Politicians need to know they will not have the people’s support, if they can’t even have a respect for our fundamental rights.

It’s also clear that there are many commercial, and technological changes that need to be made, such as increased use of encryption (especially client-side encryption), and more widespread adoption of free software.

And our information technologies need to be much more decentralized…

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