It’s Time to #nongoogle Everything.

Originally posted on Unspoken Pebbly:
It’s been nearly a year since the Snowden documents came out. In that time there’s been a growing number of people, myself included, who have become aware of the environment of ubiquitous surveillance we’re in–not just government eavesdropping, but corporate data collection as well–and from then to now, the progress…

Memorial Day Memorial

I wish we’d stop making so many people to memorialize at the end of May. Regardless of what I think of the country’s leadership, I’m still somewhat in awe of those who went face to face with what sacrifice really means. I’ve seen it mentioned in multiple places that Memorial Day is not “national barbecue […]

Stross on Amazon: A Rare Mobile Post

(title corrected….screw you, Swype) Charlie Stross has some (more) observations concerning Amazon’s business practices. As you can probably guess, his observations are well-considered, amusing to read, informative, and not at all complimentary of what Amazon is doing. I commend you to read his post. I doubt ant summary I write well do it justice. I’ve […]

By Popular Demand

By a huge margin, the search term that people have used most frequently to find this blog is…”goatee.” No, I don’t get it either. But, since it’s such a popular search, I give you: Uncle Pancakes with a goatee….and hipster glasses as well! I don’t really think this is my “look”, but to each their […]

Goodbye Google (part 2)

Now that I’ve made the decision to de-Googlefy myself, I’m faced with determining exactly what that means and how to do it. I was heavily invested in Google products and untangling is proving to be a good deal more work than I expected. Let’s break it down into categories: Authentication: Using Google or Facebook to […]

Goodbye Google (part 1)

Have you read the article about the woman who decided to hide her pregnancy from “big data?” ThinkProgress has the most complete recap of her story and it’s well worth your time. Even if you don’t read it, I’d like you to take a moment and consider what it would take to keep a secret […]

Today’s Least Surprising News

Obama is backpedaling on his commitment to net neutrality. I’ve seen statistics that claim that Obama’s actually been pretty good about keeping his promises, but man, he’s really blown it on some of the bigger ones (whistleblower protections, closing Guantanamo, more transparent government, etc.). I’m disappointed*, but I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.   * […]