In Reponse To Miss Amanda

(Oh my stars…I apologize in advance for the effed-up formatting.  Apparently, copying and pasting from FB into WP is a Very Bad Idea indeed…I’m working on it, but it seems that the visual editor is unable to cope with this mess) (Sorted. I think) This evening, Amanda Palmer posed a couple of questions about how […]

808s and Heartbleed*

So, the Heartbleed/OpenSSL issue finally persuaded me to stop trying to memorize all my passwords and take a look at some of the password vault programs. I’m liking LastPass so far, but I don’t have much experience with it or any other similar program (1Pass, etc.). Do any of you have any experience with these […]

Catching Up On Last Week’s News

“Full employment” and “elimination of poverty” are two very different things. Charlie Stross has a wonderful post in which he lays out exactly why the workfare vision of full employment, born of ignorance and disdain, is an ugly and needless thing: A nation of slaves – Charlie’s Diary The TL/DR for the few of you […]