808s and Heartbleed*

So, the Heartbleed/OpenSSL issue finally persuaded me to stop trying to memorize all my passwords and take a look at some of the password vault programs. I’m liking LastPass so far, but I don’t have much experience with it or any other similar program (1Pass, etc.). Do any of you have any experience with these and any suggestions or advice regarding them?

Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: I went all-in on LastPass and I’m pretty impressed so far. It’s feature-rich, easy to use, and…well, we’ll see if it’s secure. Of course, we are a very, very long way from seeing this bug remedied, so I may be changing passwords pretty frequently for a while now.


* As much as I love the Roland TR- 808, this has nothing to do with electronic music production. I just thought it was a good title for the post. Sorry if I misled you.

3 thoughts on “808s and Heartbleed*

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