Epichairekakia No, I’m not even a little happy that Gundotra’s leaving and I’m sorry for his recent misfortunes. However, if this really means, as BoingBoing* suggests, the end of forced integration with G+, then the world will be ever slightly a better place.   * The title is the link. I can’t change it without […]

American Shadow-Play

“He makes the voices and moves the puppets. He directs the gamelan musicians. His job is to make us laugh and cry. Very clever man. The dalang is more than a puppeteer. His skill makes us believe that we see a war between two great armies, but there is no war. There is only the […]

A jövő sokkal egyenletesebben oszlik el, mint gondolnánk

Hello! Üdvözöljük az összes barátom Magyarországon! Lehet, hogy nem voltak barátai Magyarországon, de akkor is, ha nem a barátom , köszönöm , hogy benéztél . Írom ezt bemutatni , milyen csodálatos a jövő . Írtam ezen a poszton az angol , valamint egy egyszerű fordítási eszköz, amely elérhető bárki térítés nélkül fordítani ezt az üzenetet […]

No way, Jose

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was not especially impressed with the referee’s performance during the match against Sunderland on Saturday: “I just want to say four things and I’m sorry because if you ask me more questions, I’ll repeat exactly the same thing.” “Congratulations to my players because they gave what they have and what they […]

How To Fail At Business The Square Enix Way!

Always, always make sure your product is less desirable and useful to your customers than one they can get free with minimal effort and risk. Make sure it runs worse, isn’t portable to another computer when the customer buys a new one, will cease working if they have no network connection or if your company […]

April 18 is a very special day!

Twenty-six years ago today, Ronald Wilson Reagan, the President of the United State of America, signed the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Even though Reagan isn’t my favorite former U.S. President, I have to give him kudos for signing this document. The Convention declares that the […]

Happy Tax Day!

I remember when the Tea Party had their big coming out party on 15 April, 2009. They were protesting, well, it’s hard to know exactly what they were protesting since they seemed to really hate Obama but they were protesting on the day when the taxes for the last year under W were due, so […]