And then there’s this guy…

Yesterday’s post concerned itself with people in privileged positions who think that, when other people acquire rights, it somehow diminishes their own rights. There are countless examples, but in my none-too-humble opinion, the most odious are the men who try to force their beliefs on women’s bodies and then act like their rights are being trampled when you call them on their bullshit.

That’s not exactly what Alaska state senator Pete Kelly is up to. He hasn’t played the victim yet. But, he’s certainly got the whole “trampling” thing down”

“Birth control is for people who don’t necessary want to act responsibly.”

Of course, by “people,” he means “women.”

“No one is prohibited from having birth control because of economic reasons. Women can buy condoms for the cost of a can of pop and get the pill for the price of four to five lattes each month.”

Why is he even talking about this? Because he’s pushing for state funds to put pregnancy tests in bars so women can see if they’re pregnant when they’re out drinking. No. Really. Read the article if you don’t believe me. Getting pregnant without knowing it and going to bars to find out is responsible, but taking precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is irresponsible.

The subtext here, since he didn’t come out and say it, is that women should not have sex unless they want to get pregnant.

Honestly, I’d rather deal with goofy white supremacists than assholes like Pete Kelly. We can openly mock the guys in the white sheets all day long, but for some reason, the Pete Kellys of the world keep getting elected. Until we, as a society, are openly pointing fingers and laughing at Pete Kelly’s ideas, until he and his ilk become figures of mockery, we haven’t really nailed down this “equality” thing, have we?

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