Sometimes I Think Thomas Sowell Is Just Trolling Us

Have you ever done one of those creative writing exercises in which you’re giving a group of wildly disparate concepts and told that your job is to tie them together? It’s sort of like that “Chopped” cooking show where the chefs have to make up dishes with mismatched ingredients, only instead of marshmallows, kale, and […]

And then there’s this guy…

Yesterday’s post concerned itself with people in privileged positions who think that, when other people acquire rights, it somehow diminishes their own rights. There are countless examples, but in my none-too-humble opinion, the most odious are the men who try to force their beliefs on women’s bodies and then act like their rights are being […]

Required Reading

The one thing I wish I’d been taught in high school, above everything else, is critical thinking. Entering college, I lacked a good many skills I feel I should have had, but the most embarrassing was the skill set to tell a good argument form a bad one. My bullshit detector was very, very poorly […]

A Hearty Thank You

I’ve had little occasion to deal with my domain registrar, which is a good thing. However, when I have needed to contact Heart Internet, they’ve been lovely to deal with. They’re professional, friendly, and when I’ve needed to use the “live chat” to ask a question, their employees have been uniformly well-trained and knowledgeable. I’ve […]

The Fountain

Last week, I finally sat down and watched Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain. I’m not sure if anything I write about it will constitute a spoiler, but if you’re strongly anti-spoiler, you haven’t seen this film, and you are planning to do so, then by all means, stop reading. I know it’s a little weird to […]


Cory Doctorow wrote a useful recap of Edward Snowden’s virtual appearance in Austin, Texas, USA yesterday. For me, one of the best talking points to come out of it is: By crippling encryption standards and insisting on back doors in all software, the NSA has not merely made it possible for the U.S. government to […]

Who Nuts The Nutters?

(I can’t find a good Latin translation in the fashion of “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?“) Ah, the early days of the internet, back when I thought it would be a thing that brought people of differing viewpoints together and fostered understanding and open dialog. “Naive” isn’t the word for it. I was about as wrong […]

I Rose In San Antone

Alrighty then…last week, I mentioned that I wanted to write about a little weekend junket, but the #$%@#$^ TPP got me sidetracked. My dander was up, and I hate to waste a good, upright dander, but let’s get back to the matter at hand: San Antonio, Texas is a great city to visit. In fact, […]

Irony is officially over

Mike Pompeo, a U.S. Representative, is imploring SxSW to cancel the planned tele-appearance by Edward Snowden. I encourage you to read the entire piece. It’s really special. He’s either just an amazingly good liar or he doesn’t realize that the answer to nearly every one of his questions is “Bradley Manning.” Nearly everything that has […]